l’interfaccia città-porto come punto di incontro delle azioni per lavorare su diversi livelli

Offrire agli abitanti che vivono nelle vicinanze delle attività portuali, delle condizioni abitative e delle attività ricreative e culturali nelle zone di contatto portuali
  1. Integrare nella progettazione degli edifici le misure appropriate per ridurre gli inconvenienti legati alle attività portuali.

  2. Riqualificare gli elementi patrimoniali portuali e urbani per valorizzare la memoria dei luoghi.

  3. Sviluppare spazi pubblici e strutture ricreative o culturali nelle zone di contatto portuali per trasformarle in un nuovo polo di attrazione.

  4. Promuovere l’integrazione architettonica e paesaggistica delle strutture portuali.

esempio positivo
Montreal [Canada]

The Alexandra Pier, now known as Grand Quay, is part of the history of the port and the city of Montreal. The Port authority started to revitalize the former cruise terminal to create this new urban space, designed by architects Provencher-Roy. The new 38 000 m2 establish a new connection for the citizens with the port and the river. The new Grand Quay was officially opened to the public in 2018, including the new sustainable cruise terminal, public green spaces, a Port Center and the renovated Mariner’s house of Montreal. The project also includes an observation tower that will open in 2021. The overall investment jointly done by the city, port and region is of US$78 million. The Grand Quay is designed following sustainable principles, using local materials and autochthonous vegetation, including the green roof and aromatic herbs. Additionally, it includes onshore sustainable power supply for cruises, allowing them to turn off their engines and reduce 5 tons of GHG in each connection, for a total reduction of 1300 tons during the year. The system uses a 16-tonne mobile reel, adaptable to different ship sizes and power demands. Port Center. During the early design stages, the port of Montreal held a broad stakeholder consultation, from cruise and tourism companies, to economic partners, but also neighbouring communities with open house events to present the project. The Port Center already received more than 100k visitors since it was opened, and since 2019, hosts a free permanent exhibition entitled All Aboard! The Grand Quay has received several awards, including environmental and architectural recognitions.

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esempio positivo
Oslo [Norway]

The Port of Oslo developed in 2010 specific aesthetic guidelines for the port facilities. Some of the key measures include protecting the visual axes, developing green elements in different sites, the lighting schemes or the use of materials and colors. In this case, the general principle is that the aesthetic value of the port may be in the logistics activity itself, and that it is worth showing it to citizens. In this case, the buffer works as a transition zone for port activities and not as a screen that hides these same activities. Based on this principle, it is proposed to create viewpoints on the port, expand its transparency. In the Oslo is also worth exploring the Oslo Havn Promenade, where the cultural value of the port is explained in an innovative public space.

+ info -  Article abou tthe aesthetic guidelines

esempio positivo
Cape Town [South Africa]

The former grain silo in the port-city interface is a listed building constructed in 1921, measuring 57m in height including 42 concrete tubes. The conversion began in 2014 from a partnership between the V&A waterfront and businessman Jochem Zeitz. Architect Thomas Heatherwick is responsible for a design that includes the biggest museum for contemporary African art, educational areas, shops and a hotel. Due to its location and scale, the building is a landmark connecting the history of the port and future of the waterfront. 

+ info -  Visit the Zeitz MOCAA website

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