L’identità portuale delle città come asse strategico di una relazione sostenibile tra città e porto

Promuovere la cultura caratteristica e l’identità delle città portuali e recuperare l’orgoglio degli abitanti di appartenenza a una comunità di interesse Città Porto
  1. Sviluppare tutti i tipi di passeggiate e altri spazi aperti nelle zone di interfaccia Città Porto, per promuovere una migliore comprensione delle attività portuali e logistiche.

  2. Integrare spazi e funzioni aperti a residenti e visitatori in strutture portuali, migliorando la visibilità del porto e delle sue attività.

  3. Promuovere la creazione di Port Center.

  4. Informare quotidianamente, con ogni mezzo, gli abitanti, in particolare i giovani e gli studenti, della vita del porto e della città.

  5. Pianificare eventi culturali temporanei o permanenti nel porto.

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Dublin [Ireland]

Dublin port is located in the city center, in close contact with the new “smart” district in the docklands. In order to improve the integration of the port with the city and to educate citizens about the importance of Dublin Port Company (DPC) launched a new social media strategy in 2013. Today, DPC has two active websites (Dublin Port Company Corporate Website, Dublin Port Archive & Heritage Website) and is active in five social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn), with a combined following of over 37,000. Their Digital Media Work Plan combines annual and monthly content planning with daily social monitoring and community engagement. Dublin Port creates linkages between the Port and the city through the use of tagging and hashtags for example sharing historical photographs. In other cases, they host online photo competitions, with enormous engagement with 1,500 entries and 306k online impressions, concluding in a public photo exhibition. At the same time, DPC has also embraced video content, combining professional and amateur content. On the one hand they invested €150K in three years, on high quality original content, while at the same time also launched whatsapp group to receive and share videos from the staff, showing the “real” daily port. These media channels have been a successful forum for discussion with tangible results measured in surveys.

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Italian Port Days 

In May 2019 the Italian Ports Association (Assoporti) launched the initiative “Italian Port Days - Opening Port Life and Culture to People”, in an effort to disclose port culture and identity among local citizens. This coordinated action, included visits and cultural activities organized by 11 Port Network Authorities, including AIVP members such as Venice, Genoa, Livorno La Spezia, Trieste or Naples. For the first time, the main 20 Italian ports opened its doors during the same period, May 15 to May 22, allowing locals to look behind the walls that often separate ports from cities. The event brought approximately 20,000 visitors to harbour areas, expanding the visibility of previous initiatives already developed in ports like Livorno or Venice.

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Port Centers

Port Centers provide the public, initiated or not, with the possibility to discover, experience and understand better contemporary port activities. A space open to the broadest public, it can cover subjects such as industrial port activities, the goods transported,port culture, the port professions or the integration of the port with its city and many others.

By presenting the diversity of the activities, their economic spin-offs for the territory and the potentialities in terms of employment for younger people, Port Centers have the vocation of explaining, educating and bringing together the port community and the citizens.

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